UCM reaches out to welcome people of all nations and backgrounds. We have a special calling to reach out to the foreigners and expats new to Manila. We show the hand of friendship to help them adapt and settle to life in the Philippines.

The Arrival Survival Ministry seeks to invite expatriates and their families to fellowship at UCM and help pave the way for them to embrace life in the Philippines.

An Arrival Survival Fair is held in UCM to connect newcomers to various local community organizations, establishments, and embassies in Manila.

The Arrival Survival handbook is available to help newcomers adjust to a new environment by providing a written guide for adjusting to life in Manila. If interested to get a copy, please call the Admin Office (Mon-Fri; 8am-6pm) or approach the Information Desk on Sundays.


Baste Quiniones
Chair, Outreach & Evangelism

Join us in more enjoyable events where you could further learn about Manila while meeting new friends.

Outreach & Evangelism also organizes The Alpha Course.

Alpha is for everyone:

People interested in investigating Christianity; newcomers to the Church; new Christians; couples preparing for marriage; and Christians who want to brush up on the basics. The Alpha Course meets for 10 weeks and includes learning and laughter; people meeting together—making new friends and having small group discussions.

UCM Library

What began as an outreach project of the church for the expatriate community is now a unique ministry that includes activities like storytelling workshops, film showings at the park, and the annual Gideon’s Flame Christian Film Festival, which also sponsors a competition that awards locally-made inspirational films.

The UCM Library is one of the few public lending libraries in the country. It houses a diverse collection of over 25,000 books and audio materials that range from fiction to Filipiniana.

Get to know more about the Library and its services by visiting the UCM Library website.

Contact: Rhona Bautista (Librarian)