Welcome to our new Senior Pastor, Rev. Chad Williams

The Confirmation and Blessing of Pastor Chad Williams on July 7, 2019 through the UCM Council Moderator, Baste Quiniones

As Moderator and by the authority of the Council of Union Church of Manila, I hereby declare and confirm Pastor Chad Williams as the Senior Pastor of Union Church of Manila.

To the congregation, please raise your hand for the blessing…

Abba Father, great is your faithfulness.Jesus Christ, the Head of our Church has brought to us Pastor Chad Williams as our Senior Pastor. We are grateful for the swift process. We thank all who were involved and for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all of the steps.

We now have our Senior Pastor and his family as part of your Union Church of Manila family. We are entering the season of new beginnings and we all pray for your blessings on the next steps for our church. Your will be done.

Bless Pastor Chad, Janelle, Ellie and Malachi. Bless the Ministry Team and staff. Bless the volunteers, Council, and this congregation of people of God. We thank you and we are excited to open this next season of Union Church of Manila.

Hear our prayer as we do this in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Amen.

Message to the Congregation from the Council of Elders through the Moderator, Baste Quiniones

Blessing and Release of Pastor Charlie Pridmore, 26 May 2019

I have the task as your Moderator to lead the congregation on releasing Pastor Charlie and giving them the blessings of our Church.

Lord, we praise You for sending us godly men and women to shepherd your flock here in Union Church of Manila. For over a century, your faithfulness has truly been felt.

We are so grateful that you brought Pastor Charlie and Darlene here to teach and nurture us for over a 20-year span of dedicated service.

They have shown selfless diligence in pastoring the flock, with zeal and clarity in their teaching, generous action in mission work, always caring and always loving those in need. Both have constantly reminded us that it is only by letting Jesus be our Lord and Saviour that we can be truly saved and live life to the fullest.

Your word has been spread through their piercing messages that went straight into our hearts, and in doing so, countless souls have heard and committed themselves to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and further, have been trained to be your messengers and witnesses of the gospel.

Lord, we commit ourselves to bear fruit for you by taking bold steps in faith - encouraged and enabled by their teachings.

Thus, we say with ever-grateful hearts, thank you Pastor Charlie, thank you Darlene, thank you Pridmore family for your contributions to the Lord’s flock here in the Philippines! Thank you, Heavenly Father, thank you, Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit, for giving us these faithful servants.

We pray that you bless them richly for a job well done and that you send your angels to watch over them as they journey on beyond our shores to their home in the United States. Bless them in all their ministries going forward!

All these we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Message from the Council of Elders through the Moderator, February 11, 2019

Union Church of Manila (UCM) has made the call to Pastor Chad Williams as its new Senior Pastor and he has accepted UCM's call.

The result of the search was a unanimous recommendation of the Search Committee, a meaningful sermon delivered to the congregation in all three services, and the affirmation of the Council for the mutual calling of God.

The search process started seven months ago. It began with the Council spending much time in thought and prayer to select 15 members from the UCM Family to form the Search Committee that truly reflects diversity - a composition of women and men of many backgrounds and denominations, yet side-by-side as Christian believers.

The enormous task of looking for a new Senior Pastor may have seemed overwhelming, but with God and through God alone, each committee member served so faithfully.

Here are the key milestones of the work process accomplished by the committee:

  • Developed a clear search strategy and process
  • Conducted a worldwide search
  • Reviewed over 200 resumes
  • Exchanged over 1,700 emails
  • Listened to sample sermons from the dozens of applicants
  • Conducted panel interviews
  • Attended to the many assessment and evaluation discussion meetings, many of these scheduled on Sundays
  • Managed and personally attended to the visit of the candidate of choice in Manila in December 2018

By January of 2019, more written and verbal discussions were done until the final stage of the call process was reached.

We truly praise God for Pastor Chad's diligence and enthusiasm in progressing through this Spirit-filled process with the Search Committee and the Council.

We are deeply grateful to our good and faithful Lord for His revelation both to UCM and our incoming Senior Pastor who is scheduled to begin his ministry in UCM on July 1, 2019.

Let us continue to pray for Pastor Williams, his family, and their transition to UCM.

Click to learn more about them About the Guest Preacher_10Feb2019

The Lord has given us His anointed!

Message from the UCM Council of Elders via the Moderator (Message delivered to the congregation on February 10, 2019)

Good Morning/Afternoon UCM,

God is good. He’s given us a beautiful day. He’s brought us here safely to worship and now He has brought to us a man of God.

It is my privilege and distinct honor as your Moderator of the Union Church of Manila to introduce our Senior Pastor candidate, Pastor Chad Williams and his wife, Janelle.

You can read about their background in the bulletin insert. About the Guest Preacher_10Feb2019

The Search Committee and the Council are pleased to bring them here today and for Pastor Chad to preach to us. I know there is limited time in-between services, and there will be a Council member to usher them, but please feel free to give them your warm UCM greetings. May the Lord guide you, Pastor Chad, as you reveal His words to us today.

To view the message during the February 10 Worship Services, visit the SERMONS page on this website:

Message from the UCM Council of Elders via the Moderator (Message delivered to the congregation on January 20, 2019)

As Moderator of Council, I share this update today with much gratitude to God and anticipation of how the Spirit continues to guide the UCM Pastoral Search.

As you are aware, a Search Committee was established in July 2018 to look for a new Senior Pastor for UCM after the departure of our beloved Pastor Steve.

The Council spent time in thought and prayer and chose to form a Search Committee that truly reflects the diverse UCM Family of many backgrounds and denominations, yet side-by-side as Christian believers. This ultimately resulted in the selection of 15 members from the UCM Family.

The Search Committee testifies the Spirit’s guidance throughout this season. From a range of perspectives that truly reflects the diversity UCM, the Spirit has drawn this Search Committee together—in total unity!

Since its first meeting in July, this Committee has been serving faithfully behind the scenes—laying out a clear strategy and process, and literally searching the globe for the next UCM Senior Pastor! The task has been an enormous one. Basing their criteria on the clear position description formed by Council, the Search Committee has spent hours in meetings, reviewed over 200 resumes, has exchanged over 1,700 emails, and has listened to sample sermons from dozens of talented pastoral candidates from around the world who applied to this position.

The questions asked of candidates covered everything from past ministry experience, theological understanding, direction and interpretation, lifestyle and family situation, and their perspectives on issues big and small as they relate to the global Christian Church and to UCM specifically. In all things, the Committee has remained focused on seeking a candidate who holds to sound Biblical truth and is a Christ-centered and Spirit-led pastor.

After a successful panel interview with the Search Committee, a candidate was invited and came to Manila with his wife to attend and observe UCM’s Sunday services in mid-December [without any public/formal introduction]. Throughout the four days here, the Search Committee and Council conducted more in-depth face-to-face interviews, meetings, and meals to continue discerning his suitability for service at UCM.

After this December visit, and in light of all the written and verbal discussions with the candidate to date, on the first week of January, the Search Committee was unanimous and made the recommendation to Council to consider the candidate for the Senior Pastor position at UCM.

Since the recommendation, Council has been communicating with the pastor on a suitable support relationship; and, as we hoped, he has agreed in principle to the terms of a potential future call —with some steps that will take place in the coming weeks.

As such, we now move to the final stage of the call process. Council has invited the candidate to once again come to UCM from Feb. 7-11. On Sunday, Feb. 10th, the candidate will be guest preacher for all three services. There will also be opportunities for the UCM congregation to warmly welcome them in-between services, and for the Council, Search Committee, other key leaders, and staff to meet and interact with him and and his wife throughout their trip.

He is currently serving as a Senior Pastor and his church may also undergo a transition that we are going through. We must pray for them, too. Official announcements have not yet been made and, thus, I discussed and agreed with the candidate to not reveal his identity at this point. I nonetheless want to advise the UCM congregation at this stage so you are aware of where we are and can join us in prayer as we go through the last steps.

After this second visit coming up in early February, Council will meet again on February 20th to make a final decision whether to issue the formal call. In addition to warmly welcoming the candidate and his wife on Feb. 10th, we ask you, as the UCM congregation, to extend encouragement and prayer leading up to and following his time here—and toward a clear decision by Council.

On behalf of Council, we thank the Search Committee for the in-depth discernment they have done throughout this 7-month process. We stand in awe for the Lord guiding them to achieve a unanimous decision. We pray for the congregation the candidate may leave behind and that the Lord guides Council in finalizing this decision for His anointed to shepherd Union Church of Manila as the new Senior Pastor.

God Bless us all!

PREVIOUS ANNOUNCEMENTS for your reference:

Message from the UCM Council of Elders via the Moderator (Message delivered to the congregation on Sept. 2, 2018)

Almost 3 months have passed since we began this process in preparation for the Senior Pastor and as we discern and anticipate God’s plans for us together as Union Church.

As you recall, on June 3, 2018, I informed the congregation that UCM Search Committee members have been chosen, and that the initial Terms of Reference from Council were also already relayed to the committee. Since then, the Council and the Search Committee have worked closely together to prepare information and a clear vision of the new Senior Pastor’s roles, including the qualifications of candidates we trust God is already preparing.

Therefore on behalf of the Council, I’ve been asked to provide updates on the progress so far, which have been approved.

I’m excited to share that we are now openly recruiting candidates!

For interested candidates and members of the congregation who wish to recommend candidates, please click Job Descriptionfor your reference.

For pastors who are interested to apply to this position, please send your resume/CV with cover letter to the UCM Pastoral Search Committee at

If you are recommending someone, please email

Please include the candidate’s contact information i.e., email address and mobile number. That candidate will then receive a letter of invitation from the Search Committee to apply to the position.

Please make sure the Subject is labeled Senior Pastor Candidate.


In addition to the networks the Search Committee has identified, we also ask you to prayerfully share this information from this webpage with your own personal and professional networks, including your home churches or denominations, seminaries, or other channels you choose.

Thank you for faithfully participating in this process. If you have any questions, you can ask any Council member. Please go to

We also ask that you continue to pray for this season in the life of Union Church. We will provide ongoing updates and will have future opportunities to pray collectively at this time of preparation. I invite you to pray with me as we spread the word about this position now open to the public:


Loving Father – we gather today, anticipating the future You have in store for Union Church of Manila. In this season of preparation, we ask that Your love may abound more and more in all knowledge; depth of insight; and in discerning Your will through the Holy Spirit, so that we may be able to understand all that is best, and that which is pleasing in Your sight.

We pray specifically over the many candidates that will apply in the coming months, and that Christ continues to be the central figure throughout the process, guiding them and Union Church toward the future. We thank You for the faithful Search Committee and Council members and ask that Your truth and wisdom will continue to be the beacon of light in this process.

Lord Jesus, we also ask You to prepare us as a congregation — brothers and sisters in Christ — so that we may trust You more and more in this season, and may live in unity and for Your glory. Give us hearts of understanding to discern Your will and purpose for Union Church of Manila.

All these things we lift up to You through Jesus as our Savior and Lord, Amen.

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Williams Chad
Senior Pastor

The Lord has appointed the next Shepherd.

UCM is deeply grateful to our good and faithful God for His revelation both to our Church and to Pastor Chad Williams, who is scheduled to begin his ministry in UCM on July 1, 2019.

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Kennedy Noah
Associate Pastor for Discipleship

Prior to joining UCM in 2015, Noah spent six years training for ordination to ministry. Noah graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary, with master’s degrees in divinity and theology, and from the University of Oxford – alongside his wife and then-classmate, Ali – with a certificate in theological and pastoral studies.

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